Commerce Financial Institutions Online Annual Report Submission  
The Division has mailed the company’s Username and Password to the mailing address on file. Please notify the correct person(s) in the company of the forthcoming correspondence from the Division of Financial Institutions. If the company does not receive this correspondence by Thursday, February 8, 2018, feel free to contact the Division at to request the company’s Username and Password.

After login, please click the “Helpful tips” link for a document containing detailed and helpful information. Additionally, please review the “Glossary of Terms” document link for specific term clarifications.

OMLA entities: THE 2017 OHIO ANNUAL REPORT IS IN ADDITION TO THE NMLS CALL REPORTS! All reports must be completed by their respective due dates.

Note to entities registered on the NMLS: OMBA entities are NOT required to submit the Ohio Annual Report. Please ensure all NMLS MCRs are accurate and current. OMLA entities ARE required to submit the Ohio Annual Report.