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This online service will allow you to obtain a list of temporary permits within the State of Ohio. Please note that a permit is valid until 1AM (pursuant to OAC 4301:1-1-49), on the next calendar day, following the "Event End Date".

Searching Instructions

Enter the known information and click the "Search" button. For best results, search only ONE criteria at a time. If you try to put too much information and it does not match exactly, the search will return a message "No records to display". NOTE: If your search returns more than 25,000 records, it will only display the latest 25,000 records. If you would like to save your search results for further analysis, click on the image icons (one for Excel and one for CSV), located on the top-right corner of the results grid.

You may sort the information in ascending or descending order, by clicking on any of the column headers.

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